04/12/17 Updated 26/03/19

M6415 Workstation launched and available

Production monitoring and control have taken on a whole new look, with the launch of the new Marel M6415 food industry workstation.

Designed for use on all Marel equipment, this highly economic, cost-effective and extremely robust  touch screen display/indicator has been developed for use in a whole range of applications, including reporting, quality checks, data collection and production control.

Constructed from FDA-approved materials and encased in a water-resistant stainless steel housing, the M6415 is specifically designed for use in the harsh conditions of the production plant floor.

Built on Windows 7-compatible architecture and operated via a spacious user-friendly touch screen, it provides the operator with direct access from the plant floor to Innova or other production management systems.

Innovative in every aspect of its design, the M6415 comes available with an optional MU1 internal W&M-approved weighing module that connects directly to all Marel platforms, in some cases eliminating the need for M1100 or M2200 terminals and making packing and QC stations smaller and more compact.