16/03/15 Updated 26/03/19

Marel demonstrations provide knowhow in Boston

Seafood Expo North America visitors are being drawn to the live demonstrations at Marel’s stand, which make it easy for them to see how the equipment can help them exceed their production goals.
Marel is demonstrating its latest innovations in filleting, slicing, packing, weighing, and production control systems in Boston this week.
The Filleting Machine for salmon has attracted a lot of attention, on display with its innovative back trimming tool that is proving to further reduce the need for manual trimming. Visitors have also enjoyed being among the first to see Marel’s new filleting machine for tilapia in action.
This new innovation (patent pending) fillets H&G tilapia with rib bones intact, and is delivering great results, with a consistent, high quality product, and yields matching any hand-filleting operation.
Other popular demonstrations include the Compact Grader, Multi-Angle Slicer, and Innova Food Processing Software. Demonstrations will continue at booth 865 until the show closes tomorrow, 17 March.