20/08/14 Updated 13/05/19

Marel FleXicut wins Nor-Fishing Innovation award

The Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Prize was awarded to Marel’s FleXicut in Trondheim last night.

Marel’s FleXicut water-jet cutter for high precision bone detection and removal was a favorite to win the award and is expected to reshape whitefish processing.

Queen Sonja and Norway’s Director of Fisheries Liv Holmefjord visited Marel’s booth earlier in the day where Sales Manager Asmund Haga took the opportunity to explain how the FleXicut works and why it is such an important innovation for whitefish processors.

Winning the award was the icing on the cake for Marel after a great start to the Nor-Fishing exhibition.

The FleXicut was already drawing a lot of attention, along with the latest edition of Marel's Innova production management software, which is also being featured at Marel’s stand.

Marel looks forward to welcoming more visitors over the next few days until the Nor-Fishing exhibition closes on Friday.

Asmund Haga and Stella Kristinsdóttir accept the 100,000 NOK prize on behalf of Marel. Pictured L-R: Director of Fisheries Liv Holmefjord, Stella Kristinsdóttir, Minister for Fisheries Elisabeth Aspaker, and Asmund Haga.

About FleXicut

Equipped with high-resolution X-ray technology and a combination of water-jet cutting and traditional blade cutting, FleXicut incorporates two critical processing steps in one machine: locating the pinbones precisely, and then removing the bones while portioning the fillet to specification.

The automation of the bone detection and removal process not only reduces the need for skilled labor but also greatly improves product handling and yields.

Key benefits of FleXicut also include less pinbone material and new bone-free product opportunities, such as for skin-on loins and baby fillets.

The FleXicut may provide the breakthrough that will enable whitefish processors to keep their processing close to source, while remaining competitive.