18/08/15 Updated 26/03/19

Marel impresses at Aqua Nor

Visitors to the 2015 Aqua Nor exhibition, which opened 18 August, have been impressed by live demonstrations of Marel’s MS 2730 Filleting Machine – one of the most advanced salmon filleting machines on the market today.

The MS 2730 Filleting Machine can process up to 25 fish/min with outstanding yield and fillet quality. The edition demonstrated at the Marel stand includes automatic back and belly trimming features that reduce the need for manual trimming, while still performing at a high capacity of up to 18 fish/min. One or both of these new features can be installed on existing machines, without affecting the very small footprint.

“We’re also getting a lot of positive comments about how fast and easy filleting becomes when the fish can be placed belly-down at the in-feed, as they are on our Filleting Machine,” said Asmund Haga, Marel Sales Manager in Norway, at the exhibition.

The salmon industry is currently experiencing a period of record earnings and investment capacity, and our team of experts at Aqua Nor is being kept busy discussing with visitors how Marel’s salmon processing equipment and systems can help them exceed their production goals.

Stein Hendnes, Director for Marel Scandinavia, was interviewed by Aslak Berge of iLaks during the opening day, and commented on the importance of Marel’s presence at Aqua Nor:

“Presence is important. At the show, we demonstrate that we are a major player in the seafood industry and we show off our new innovations. Our customers have confidence in us – and we continually prove that we are reliable and can keep delivering innovative machines that increase yield.”

Live demonstrations of the Filleting Machine will continue at Marel’s stand (F-559) until the exhibition closes on Friday, 21 August.

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