04/11/13 Updated 06/02/19

Marel opens new training and demonstration facility, Progress Point in Denmark

Progress Point, the newest and most extensive Marel training and demonstration facility will open its doors for customer demonstrations and training on 7 November.

The facilities

Progress Point features 2700m2 of demonstration halls, meeting rooms, a large auditorium, professional kitchen and dining and entertaining areas. These state-of-the-art facilities are ideal for showcasing Marel products, staging events, holding meetings, and running training workshops. The demonstration facilities are designed to simulate real food processing plant conditions, with 900m2 of demonstration space that includes wet and cooling areas.

Visitors to Progress Point can explore Marel’s advanced equipment and systems for the fish, meat and poultry industries, and discover why the company’s brands – Marel, Stork Poultry Processing and Townsend Further Processing – are among the most respected in these industries.

The location

Progress Point´s central European location is strategically chosen to ensure easy access for customers, guests and staff coming from all over the world. There is also easy access to Progress Point by train or car from other European cities. This convenient location gives many of Marel´s customers the opportunity to travel to and from Progress Point within the same day.

The opportunity

Progress Point will bring numerous exhibitions, customer demonstrations and training sessions under one roof, enhancing the company’s capacity to demonstrate its products. Progress Point will strengthen the ongoing cooperation between Marel’s team of experts – in sales, service, innovation and manufacturing – and the company’s customers. In Progress Point Marel will be better equipped and positioned to provide its customers with solutions that give them the edge over competitors.

Progress Point will be very active from day one, with demos and meetings already booked. The Salmon ShowHow in February 2014 will be the first large scale event to be hosted at Progress Point. At this event, salmon industry leaders from all over the world will come together to discuss the latest trends and key issues in the industry and to see and experience the latest and the best salmon processing equipment.

Theo Hoen CEO of Marel:

“At Progress Point we will help customers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and create more value in their industries. At Progress Point we can simulate real food processing plant conditions, making it easier for us to find the best solution for our customers each time. Progress Point will also help our customers to make purchasing decisions as our equipment and solutions will now be on display in one place. Progress Point is a meeting point for everyone interested in experiencing how the Marel technology and systems can create more value in the food processing industry.”

About Marel

Marel is the leading global provider of advanced equipment, systems and services to the fish, meat and poultry industries. Our Brands – Marel, Stork Poultry Processing and Townsend Further Processing – are among the most respected in the industry. Together we offer the convenience of a single source to meet our customers’ every need.

With offices and subsidiaries in over 30 countries and a global network of more than 100 agents and distributors, we work side by side with our customers to extend the boundaries of food processing performance.

More information

For more information about Progress Point and the events coming up there visit: Progress Point website