27/03/18 Updated 26/03/19

Marel Poultry at three simultaneous events

Connecting to local poultry markets in every part of the world

Busy times for Marel Poultry on March 13 and 14, when the company participated at three exhibitions simultaneously around the world. Vietnam, Uzbekistan, France - our trade show representatives were operational all over the map.

This goes to show that Marel Poultry is an extremely versatile organization which succeeds in connecting seamlessly to local poultry markets in every part of the world. No matter what stage of industrialization has been reached in the region, Marel Poultry is always able to assist local poultry processors in advancing their operations by supplying exactly the right solutions.

Marel Poultry at Agroworld Uzbekistan

Agroworld Uzbekistan

In Tashkent, Marel Poultry attracted a large audience to its stand, by matching global knowledge with local conditions. New and existing Uzbek entrepreneurs were eager to learn about the experience and technologies available from Marel Poultry and were looking for support to advance in the Uzbek poultry processing market. The Agroworld visitors seemed to be mainly interested by proven poultry processing solutions, such as the semi-automation of the defeathering department (scalders and pluckers), the evisceration department (Nuova CoreTech) and the addition of a CompactGrader, Custom Grader or TargetBatcher.

Our professionals at Agroworld , among whom Marel Poultry Sales Manager Danila Mikhailov, were questioned all the time about new ways to add value to processing operations.

CFIA France

Marel Poultry at CFIA France

The CFIA event in Rennes showed that the French market offers plenty of opportunities for adding more value to poultry processing. The solutions presented at CFIA by Marel Poultry are optimally adjusted to the country’s specific requirements. Our professionals, among whom Gael Devaux (Marel France), Romain Collard (Marel France), and Rob Noteboom (Marel Poultry Area Sales Manager), had their hands full answering all questions of the highly involved audience.

Eye-catcher on the booth was the AMF-i intelligent breast cap filleting system. Visitors gladly took the opportunity of a hands-on experience of this system, convincing themselves of its ability to deliver high quality end products with consistent high yield and low manning levels. During CFIA it turned out that automation of breast deboning with the highest efficiency is on top of the list of many French poultry professionals.

Ildex Vietnam

Marel Poultry at Ildex Vietnam

All relevant visitors of Ildex Vietnam found their way to Marel Poultry, taking part in the stand of our Vietnamese agent PEJA. They showed lots of interest in our entire system range, varying from primary processing up to breast filleting, grading, portioning, packing and labeling. Our poultry experts, including Regional Sales Manager Wiebe Feenstra, were constantly talking to existing and new customers to find  exactly the right solutions for each individual situation, taking into account local market needs, cultural and religious regulations as well as sustainability.

Our solutions for treatment of wastewater drew a lot of attention too at Ildex Vietnam. Given the environmental requirements on the one hand and the scarcity of water on the other hand, wastewater treatment is becoming an important aspect in the industry. Ildex visitors were highly interested in learning that Marel Water Treatment supplies all required solutions, at the same time reducing the water footprint of food processing.

The exhibitions in Vietnam, Uzbekistan and France all turned out to be very successful, showing that Marel Poultry is able to fully concentrate on multiple events at the same time, each with their own accents.

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