11/05/17 Updated 26/03/19

Marel Poultry at VIV Asia

A cutting edge experience!
VIV Asia

From March 15th to 17th, Bangkok was the place to be for all South East Asian professionals involved in the poultry industry. At VIV Asia 2017 Marel Poultry demonstrated how poultry processors in this part of the world can add most value to their operations. Notably the "Cutting Edge Showcase" drew huge attention from the visitors.

The cut-up showcase turned out to be a tremendous success. Every session gathered some 100 people at our stand who were very interested in the cutting maneuvers needed to get the end products required by the market.

Live cut-up

By live performing manual cuts at the demonstration table, Marel Poultry's Cutting master Willem van de Ven explained how our equipment goes about to achieve in an automated way the same result as skilled manual operations. This cut-up showcase was supported by a big overhead screen which alternated between processing videos and a live stream of Willem's actions. While he gradually cut up the broiler, Willem told the audience how our ACM-NT modules such as the Second Joint Wing Cutter HY (for a typical Asian wing cut) and the JLR (for legs) mechanically translate these movements. Subsequently, deboning was addressed, connecting to our AMF-i and FHF-XB breast filleting systems as well as our Thigh Fillet System. Willem concluded each cut-up session with a portioning chapter, referring to the I-Cut 122 portion cutter. During every showcase session, the audience was captivated by the subject and stayed to watch the full 20 minutes.

Highly pertinent topics

Besides the manual cutting showcase, the VIV Asia audience could witness live demonstrations of automated cutting by means of Marel's I-Cut 122, a sophisticated portion cutter for deboned poultry meat. This dual lane machine, with separately adjustable knives, is able to make the most refined cuts, creating tenderloins, fillets, thigh pieces, strips, cubes or kakugiri with the least give-away possible, thereby saving much skilled manual labor. VIV Asia showed that these topics are highly pertinent today in the South East Asian market; every time Marel's Portioning Product Manager Steen Petersen performed a live demonstration, the I-Cut 122 portion cutter attracted a crowd of visitors.

VIV Asia

AMF-i strikes the right note

Completely in line with those topical issues, the AMF-i intelligent breast cap filleting solution raised great interest. Automation of breast deboning with the highest possible efficiency is on top of the list of many Asian poultry professionals. Stork AMF-i can respond to virtually all requirements asked for by the market.

For years now, Stork AMF has set the standard for breast cap filleting all over the world. Concluding from the visitor's interest at VIV Asia, the AMF-i also strikes the right note in the South East Asian markets, particularly for its ability to deliver high quality end products with consistent high yield and low manning levels.

To make life easier for poultry processors, Marel Poultry has now added even more intelligence to the process. It's no longer necessary to manually select a product size related recipe, as module settings adjust themselves automatically to the measured product size.

Thigh Filleting

Also closely connected to the manual cutting presentation and showing Marel Poultry's expertise in automation was the Stork Thigh Fillet System. VIV Asia witnessed the Asian launch of this revolutionary solution, the world's first inline high-capacity thigh deboning system. It was very interesting to see that every carrousel of this system performs its own precise dedicated task to finally achieve together the same result as the cuts made by Willem van de Ven.

The Thigh Fillet System is exemplary for the trend to automation as a means to improve quality, hygiene and food safety. Furthermore, manual production of deboned thighs in large volumes requires so much work, that processing plants would need a large amount of skilled laborers. However, there is a global shortage of such expert work force. All the more reason for Asian processors to switch over to the automated Thigh Fillet System.

VIV Asia

High-energy vibe

The crowds that gathered round the live demonstrations at the Marel Poultry stand caused a high-energy vibe, making it the place to be for South East Asian poultry professionals. All three days, we could enjoy a packed stand and our sales people were continuously meeting customers. This year we attracted lots of nationalities. Mr Leelaphisut, general manager of Marel Poultry’s representative K-Plus Engineering estimates: “I’d say we’ve had about 30% visitors from China, 20% from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, 25% from Thailand, 15% from Indonesia and 10% people from other countries at the Marel Poultry stand.”