18/11/16 Updated 03/06/19

Marel Poultry stands out in Hannover

EuroTier 2016 successful in all areas
Marel Poultry at EuroTier 2016

After the EuroTier 2016 edition, Marel Poultry can look back on tremendous success. During four days our global launches at the stand attracted large amounts of existing customers as well as newly interested professionals from the poultry processing industry.

All of them expressed great enthusiasm about the remarkable innovations. Marel Poultry really succeeded in empowering them to progress towards the highest levels of performance and productivity.

Even before EuroTier started, Marel Poultry could celebrate its first moment of glory. At the eve of the event, the prize-winning ceremony of the Innovation Awards took place. The Stork ATLAS live bird supply system was officially awarded for its outstanding innovative concept, which combines animal welfare with the highest efficiency.

Eager to know

Our voluminous Marel Poultry stand, in its spectacular new design, proved to be very popular among the EuroTier visitors and could continuously enjoy loads of attention. The record number of EuroTier visitors was certainly reflected at our booth.

From start to the end of the event, our extensive stand crew was in continuous meetings with poultry professionals who were really eager to know every detail of our new developments. No less than four major global launches plus various other innovations were integrated with the overall theme "Empowering Progress", which was very well received.

The combination of our innovations and the way we present ourselves here at EuroTier really supports our image as the global market leader. I notice that all people who visited us, are very positive about our new solutions and our stand., Anton de Weerd, Marel Poultry General Managing Director -
Marel Poultry at EuroTier 2016


The aforementioned Stork ATLAS (Advanced Technology Live bird Arrival System) was prominently highlighted. Visitors immediately recognized the innovative and revolutionary impact of the system, lifting animal-welfare, efficiency as well as hygiene to new heights which are unrivaled in the poultry processing market. Experiencing the full effect of the ATLAS system was possible with VR goggles, which were available to view a 3D animation.

The impressive carrousel modules of the Stork Thigh Fillet System, another global launch, also earned widespread acclaim. Thigh deboning has become completely industrial now, with no human intervention needed; the poultry business directly embraced this major breakthrough at EuroTier.

Marel Poultry at EuroTier 2016


Seriously interested parties also gathered at our stand to be informed about the Innova OEE solutions, AMF-i intelligent breast filleting, ChillingControl, the VC-20, the new FHF-XB filleting modules, the "Robot with a knife" and the I-Cut 122.

Our show kitchen, run by chef Jacques Roosenbrand, was also highly appreciated. People took their time to taste some well-prepared chicken products, made possible by Marel Poultry systems. Maître Jacques served some appropriate dishes, such as "Ballotine de poulet aux truffes".

This successful EuroTier edition underlined once again Marel Poultry's authoritative position to empower its customers to progress towards innovative solutions, driving excellence in performance, food safety and sustainability.

Marel Poultry would like to thank all visitors to its EuroTier 2016 stand!