24/09/18 Updated 26/03/19

Marel Poultry winds up two Chinese shows

VIV China and CIMIE
VIV China 2018

VIV China and CIMIE

Mid-September, China was the place to be for professionals involved in the poultry industry. From 17-19 September, VIV China took place in Nanjing, followed by CIMIE in Beijing from 20-22 September. Marel Poultry attracted a lot of Chinese poultry professionals during both shows. They could see for themselves how our automated solutions were perfectly responding to the current Chinese market needs.

VIV China

At VIV China, we highlighted the Thigh Fillet System by showing a deboning unit. This unit represented Marel Poultry’s revolutionary system, which is the world's first inline high-capacity thigh filleting solution.

VIV China 2018

Chinese visitors appeared to be extremely interested in the Thigh Fillet system, especially for its labor-saving concept. In China, just like the rest of the world, the availability of labor is an issue, and therefore automated processes are highly searched after. The Thigh Fillet System fits this profile, as at no point in the process, there's a need for manual trimming.

RevoPortioner with Helix Drum

Another important eyecather at our booth was the new RevoPortioner with Helix Drum technology. This piece of equipment attracted a lot of attention from the Chinese visitors, mainly because it represents a next step in low-pressure portioning.

All over the world, and also in China, RevoPortioner is able to produce a wide range of convenience products, from high-volume patties and nuggets to 3D products in smaller batches. During VIV China, we could demonstrate to visitors how the Helix Drum ensures even more consistency and profitability.

Serious plans

Certainly during the first day of the VIV China show, our poultry professionals Kai Zhao, Yihui Zhang, and Manuel van ‘t Sant were continuously consulted by interested visitors. Various important Chinese customers approached our crew, having very serious plans for greenfield projects and plant extensions. Of course VIV China was also the occasion for existing customers to tighten the relationship with Marel Poultry.

CIMIE China 2018


At CIMIE, Marel Poultry shared the booth with Marel Meat, Further Processing and Water Treatment.

CIMIE’s attendance figures surpassed the expectations. Marel Poultry’s stand crew, again including Manuel van ‘t Sant, Kai Zhao, and Yihui Zhang, hardly had a spare moment during the show days; they were talking nonstop to visitors at our crowded booth.

CIMIE was mainly visited by Chinese food processors and poultry farmers. They were eager to know everything about specialized broiler processing.


Most questions asked by the visitors were about automation and high-speed processing at 15,000 bph.

Regarding automation, Marel Poultry could present some perfect examples, such as the Thigh Fillet System and the I-Cut 122. By integrating the I-Cut 122 in the process, cutting of deboned meat can be done automatically, without the need for manual labor. CIMIE visitors were surprised to learn that this intelligent portion cutter can perform several advanced poultry cuts, even customized Asian cuts, at highest speed and with least giveaway.

15,000 bph

15,000 bph processing using Marel Poultry solutions can be done in China too. All components are available, from ATLAS live bird handling, via Nuova evisceration and chilling, to cut-up and deboning. All of this will be supervised by the Innova software platform. The idea behind a 15,000 bph capacity is not so much speed but rather keeping control of efficiency and reliability, while not compromising on product quality. Special requirements, tailored to the Chinese market, can be integrated in such a high-speed line without problems.