17/07/17 Updated 22/04/19

Marel Water Treatment

Marel Water Treatment is a specialist in the treatment of industrial wastewater predominantly for the the food industry.

Marel Water Treatment, formerly known as Aqua Industrial Water Treatment, is a specialist in the treatment of industrial wastewater predominantly for the food industry.

Industry specific knowledge

We can assure producers from the food industry that we have the technology to specifically focus on their production process and provide tailor-made solutions to treat their wastewater.

Our solutions include:

  • Discharging treated water to the sewer or surface water
  • Reusing treated water for irrigation or even process water purposes
  • Sludge treatment

Complete, customized solutions

In all industries, polluted water streams are released. The composition of wastewater varies greatly, and the discharge requirements vary not only from country to country, but even from region to region. Marel Water Treatment therefore focuses on the production processes of individual customers and ensures that any solution is highly customized for their needs.

Any degree of water treatment is possible. we provide total solutions in primary, secondary and tertiary treatments.

The Marel Water Treatment systems are also efficient, easy to use and characterized by low maintenance.

Sludge treatment

As a supplier of total solutions, Marel Water Treatment delivers not only water treatment systems but a core part of our activities also includes the treatment, separation and de-watering of sludge.

Global abilities

We are a global company that designs, manufactures and installs applications for the treatment of industrial wastewater throughout the world. We have supplied water treatment plants from Russia to Argentina and Canada to Australia.

More information

Read more or contact us on +31 544 390500 or at watertreatment@marel.com