16/08/17 Updated 26/03/19

Meat ShowHow 2017

The Meat ShowHow was held today for the 6th time at our demonstration center, Progress Point, in Copenhagen. The event was a great success with 200 visitors from 24 countries attending the ShowHow this year.

Since acquiring MPS Meat Processing Systems, Marel Meat now supplies equipment and systems for all processes relating to primary, secondary and further processing of red meat which was a strong focus at the event.

Equipment on display

During the Meat ShowHow our visitors were taken through the various processes that transform raw materials into retail end products. The 900 square meter demonstration hall was filled with lines that reflected processing possibilities in the areas of raw material intake, deboning and trimming, whole muscle portioning and packing, and hamburger and sausage production.

We displayed a wide range of our industry-leading systems and solutions, such as our new DeboFlex pork leg deboning line, our trim handling systems and the new fresh pork sausage line, to name a few.

New solutions introduced

Our visitors were quite impressed by the high-speed wraparound linerless M360 labeler, which employs the latest technology in flexible linerless labeling and is designed for premium labeling of all popular tray sizes.

The I-Saw sawing system, which applies all of the benefits of camera-vision scanning technology to the cutting of boneless or bone-in frozen meat products, likewise attracted much attention in Progress Point today.

Innova Food Processing Software

Innova specialists demonstrated how meat processors control their production, experience real-time monitoring, and base their decision-making on valuable key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable them to improve performance in terms of yield, throughput, quality and food safety, inventory levels, movement, and efficiency.

Industry insights

Keynote speakers addressed topics relevant to the red meat industry with Albert Vernooij, Analyst Animal Protein at Rabobank, going over how changing consumer preferences and buying behavior are rapidly changing meat demand. Vernooij explained how new protein models will have to be developed to meet new demands, which will result in the strengthening and re-aligning of the supply chain with more links between different levels.

Ronald Kranenbarg, Market Intelligence Technologist at Marel Meat, discussed how the meat product portfolio will change from focus on commodities to more unique products, because of the fact that the per capita meat consumption is starting to stabilize or even decline in some regions of the world. The growing diversity in meat products driven by consumers in the ‘connected world’ likewise requires smart and flexible processing systems.

As always, the Meat ShowHow provided a great opportunity to meet and talk with professionals and specialists from the global red meat industry.

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