30/03/15 Updated 26/03/19

Meat ShowHow reviewed

Visitors from around the world share their market views and experiences at Meat ShowHow 2015.

More than 200 people from 140 companies around the world visited our annual event for meat processing at Progress Point in Copenhagen.

Many of the visitors were European but some came from as far afield as Uruguay, New Zealand and Russia. They were able to experience for themselves, with live demonstrations, how Marel’s equipment and processing solutions can improve the value of their products and increase yield and efficiency.

Watch the videos of Meat ShowHow visitors from around the world sharing their market views and experiences at the event.

Visitors also enjoyed presentations given by external speakers and Marel specialists on the topics of efficiency, traceability and sustainability.

Richard Altham from Althams Butchers in the UK attended Meat ShowHow for the first time this year. He said, “It's been really exciting to see all the products that Marel offers in one room. It's really given us an insight into what Marel is all about.”

Tatiana Campos from BRF in Brazil was also impressed by the complete line format. She said “It's a good opportunity to see how the machines work and because it's very interesting to know the whole process.”