09/02/16 Updated 26/03/19

Missed the Marel Live TV session ‘How to optimize your production lines’?

Watch the recording to hear our specialists explain the fundamentals of OEE in the food processing industry and how Innova can help optimize production lines.

If you were unable to watch the Marel Live TV session ‘How to optimize your production lines’, you can now view the recording below.

In the live session, Marel specialists explained the fundamentals of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the food processing industry, and how Innova is providing food processors with detailed production line information.

Topics covered during the session include:

  • Real-time status of equipment availability, performance, and production quality
  • Paperless collection of runtime and stoppage data
  • Reports and dashboards to immediately identify and monitor production losses

There was also a customer interview and viewers had the opportunity to put their questions to Marel specialists.