10/04/15 Updated 08/05/19

New: FleXicut

Marel’s new FleXicut provides automatic bone detection and water-jet removal of pinbones with a range of benefits, including greater product diversity, and higher yield and throughput.

At the upcoming Seafood Processing Global in Brussels, Marel is introducing the next generation in whitefish processing including, as its centerpiece, the FleXicut water-jet cutter.

FleXicut incorporates two critical processing steps in one machine: precisely locating the pinbones and then cutting the fillet to remove them and portion the fish to customer specification, skin-on or skin-off.

The automation of pinbone removal not only reduces the need for skilled labor but also greatly improves overall yield, quality, and throughput.

One of the biggest benefits of FleXicut is the variety in the range of possible cuts, ensuring the best use of each and every fillet to maximize the production of the highest value cuts and increasing product diversity.

In addition, the machine’s neat footprint makes it easy to integrate FleXicut into most existing factory layouts.


“With FleXicut, Marel is bringing hi-tech to the heart of the fish processing factory and this will influence the entire process,” says Pétur Hafsteinn Pálsson, General Manager of Icelandic fish processor Vísir hf. where a FleXicut was installed in February 2015.

He adds, ”This is one of the biggest steps towards automation that we’ve seen for a very long time in fish processing technology.”

To see FleXicut in action, visit us at stand nr. 4-6227 at Seafood Processing Global in Brussels or go to marel.com/flexicut for further details.