23/06/14 Updated 16/05/19

New: M-Check 2 from Marel

Marel’s new MCheck 2 Checkweigher, launched at Marel’s Packing, Labeling and Dispatch event on 11 June, combines a high level of accuracy with great flexibility and capacity.
M-Check 2 Checkweigher

The machine is approved for process as well as end-of-line applications, making it the ideal choice for any food processing company.

The MCheck 2 Checkweigher can monitor and optimize the accuracy of processing equipment, and ensure compliance with weight legislation across a wide range of products.

It features a range of metal detection and reject options that remove off-weight and metal contaminated packs from the product flow to ensure food safety and quality control.

M-Check 2 incorporates Marel's Innova Checkweighing module, which provides real-time monitoring of key performance indicators and collection of data for statistical analysis, enabling processors to track operational performance and optimize production line efficiency.

Detailed 'e-weighing' reports are produced to ensure vital compliance with average weight legislation.

Full washdown hygiene

M-Check 2 can withstand intense high pressure and high temperature washdown procedures to IP69K, thanks to its sturdy design. Quick release belts and swivel reject bins make for easy cleaning.

Modular construction enables M-Check 2 to be configured to suit virtually any production requirement, thanks to a choice of weigh cells, infeed conveyors, and metal detection and reject options.