15/07/15 Updated 09/07/19

New Multi-job Software Multihead Weighers

Do more, give away less! Batch up to six different jobs simultaneously with our new Multi-job Software.

New multi-job software for multihead weighersOur Multihead Weigher range, consisting of equipment for both fresh and IQF poultry, has been an established part of the Marel Stork product portfolio for a number of years. Designed with the poultry industry in mind, they have distinguished themselves as being solid and accurate performers.

Multihead Weigher range for poultry processing

The Multihead Weigher for IQF poultry was designed especially for the tough environment around IQF poultry processing. It can, therefore, handle a wide range of frozen poultry products with ease and performs reliably even when running around the clock.

Multihead Weigher Fresh Poultry

The three Multihead Weighers for fresh poultry are perfect for accurately batching a wide range of sticky, fresh products – from whole legs on the 9l machine to fillets, strips, cubes and more on the 3.5l and 2l machines. There is a machine for every processing need.

Meet the new Multi-job Software

Research and development do not, however, just stop after introducing the equipment to our customers for the first time. Marel Stork is always working on new developments, so we are now able to present our new Multi-job Software.

This software is an optional add-on that enables our Multihead Weighers to batch up to six jobs simultaneously. Additionally, processors can prioritize jobs depending on processing needs.

How it works

With chickens steadily getting bigger, some batches sizes are now difficult to create on a standard Multihead Weigher. A 400g (14 oz) tray job of chicken breast fillets, for example, can result in a high giveaway and reject rate, as the larger fillets force processors to pack trays with overweight and some do not fit at all. However, if a second tray job, for example, 650g (23 oz), is batched simultaneously, the result changes significantly.

New multi-job software for Multihead Weighers

With two jobs, the Multihead Weigher has suddenly more open options and is able to utilize the products at a considerably higher level. Every time new products reach the weighing hoppers, the Multihead Weigher calculates all options for combining the available products and matches the results with the two target weights. After that, the best option is chosen and the batch will be collated and released into the correct tray.

Additionally, a processor can choose to prioritize jobs. This is done by using the option of allocating a certain percentage of the incoming product to the jobs being handled on the machine. Looking at the example already given, this means that 60% of the products should be used for the 500g (17 oz) job and 40% for the 600g (21 oz) job. In this way, processors can fine-tune output to their needs.


The Multi-job Software is available on all new Marel Multihead Weighers. An upgrade of equipment already installed and running can, however, be possible.