14/06/18 Updated 14/01/19

New production center for Marel in Dongen (NL)

Mayor Starmans of Dongen and Anton de Weerd, MD Marel Poultry, signed the official documents and unveiled the construction billboard at the new premises.
MD Marel Poultry and Mayor of Dongen at building site

A completely new production center for Marel will be constructed in Dongen, the Netherlands. May 2019, it is expected that all activities will be transferred to the new premises, to be realized at business park Tichelrijt II. The signing of the official documents, followed by the unveiling of the construction billboard marked an important milestone towards realization of the project.

For over 60 years, the production site in Dongen has been manufacturing machine parts for Marel Poultry, the poultry branch of the worldwide leading company Marel. The end products, high-quality food processing systems, are assembled in collaboration with Marel colleagues in Boxmeer.

Sketch of the new building

However, the current location in Dongen no longer meets today’s standards. That is why a relocation to a new production center is a logical step for a company like Marel which is committed to offer responsible, safe and pleasant working conditions to its employees. The new building will be built on business park Tichelrijt II, opposite the present location, but separated by the Wilhelmina channel. It will house the same activities as the current building, with 40 production sites and eight office spaces.

MD Marel Poultry and Mayor of Dongen sign contract

On 12 June, Mayor Starmans from the municipality of Dongen and Anton de Weerd, Marel Poultry Managing Director, signed the official documents and unveiled the construction billboard at the new premises. In the presence of building company Remmers / Conferm and real estate advisor Cushman & Wakefield, these formal activities marked a crucial step towards the concrete execution of the project.

Immediately after summer holiday, construction will commence. It is expected that Marel will be able to occupy the new Dongen production center in May 2019. By then, employees can benefit from the most modern and high-quality production facilities currently available. All aspects of the new production center will offer the highest level, be it facility, logistics or ergonomics. Marel employees in Dongen will work with even more pleasure and motivation.