21/08/18 Updated 26/03/19

New Stork vent cutter – precise performance

Proven hygienic solution for highest capacities

The Stork VC-20 RS vent cutter makes use of the proven technologies of the well-known Stork evisceration Reference Series. It is designed for the highest capacities and is perfectly fit for 15,000 bph (250 bpm) line speeds. The VC-20 RS will handle the heaviest weights and wider in-flock weight variations.

To make this possible, the infeed and outfeed of the VC-20 were given more time to position and process the products. Intelligent use of technological knowhow keeps processing movements smooth, despite the high speed.


Installed in the evisceration line as the first module, the VC-20 RS vent cutter works hand in hand with the subsequent Stork Opening Machine, both featuring 20 processing units. Products are guided carefully into the Vent Cutter and positioned precisely, which is crucial for ensuring that vents are cut consistently accurately and hygienically.

Stork VC-20 RS Vent opener
Stork VC-20 RS Vent opener


Stork Vent Cutters can be fine-tuned for different shapes and sizes of product. The points where products enter and leave the Vent Cutter mean that more of the machine’s cam diameter is used. The machine’s units are therefore in contact with products for longer giving plenty of time for positioning, fine tuning and carrying out the vent cutting process.

More time and more space result in an optimal vent cutting job on heavier bird weights and on flocks with wider weight spreads. Stork Vent Cutters are the prefect tool for variable product input material all while performing at the highest speeds.

Big broilers at 8 inch

As products are tending to become heavier in the today’s poultry business, the distance between the units has been increased in the 8" version of this vent cutter, the VC-15 RS, with 15 units. Now even the biggest broilers in the market can be processed.


Vents are now efficiently cleaned, clamped, cut and drawn out of the carcass, including bursa fabricii and urethra. Because of improved product positioning, back, kidneys and tail remain undamaged, thereby maximizing yield. Next, the vent is deposited over the back of the product, separated by a plate to block touching. This technique prevents contamination, thereby optimizing hygiene.


The VC-20 RS is a Reference Series machine. RS machines have self-supporting frames into which water and compressed air supply pipes have been integrated, provided with standardized connections. RS machines have been designed to be easy to maintain and clean.