29/12/15 Updated 19/06/19

New technologies from the Whitefish ShowHow

Marel’s Whitefish ShowHow took place in Copenhagen on 26 November 2015, focusing on demonstrations of new technology in primary, secondary, and value-added processes.

The demonstrations highlighted how Marel equipment, systems, and software solutions enable processors to meet consumer and industry demands and trends such as: the trend towards fresh production and the subsequent push for close-to-source and close-to-market processing; the focus on value-added production and enhanced product presentation; and the environmental drive to minimize the carbon footprint.

See Marel Fish on YouTube for customer reviews from the event:

Around 170 visitors from 17 countries around the world gathered for the event. The guests, representing over 90 companies, took part in hands-on demonstrations of the latest advances in whitefish processing equipment and heard guest speakers address some of the key issues the industry faces today.