05/05/14 Updated 26/03/19

Paperless quality management in real time

Today’s fish processors strive to produce wholesome food of the highest quality, with food safety always a top priority.

Processors require solutions that fit the needs of a demanding environment and short delivery time, and the way data is handled is critical to the constant improvement of processes.

Innova Food Processing Software helps processors meet these demands by enabling them to catch potential problems early, react in real time, continuously improve quality, increase food safety, and minimize time in rework.

We asked Innova QC Sales Consultant Gústaf Helgi Hjálmarsson some questions about Innova Quality Control, and here’s what he had to say:

In a nutshell, what is the benefit of Innova Quality Control for fish processors?

“Innova QC enables paperless control and automation of the quality control process throughout the value chain. Quality control managers can collect important and valuable information for custom-made reports and trend analysis, enabling process improvements.”

“Efficiency can be raised by using dashboards to monitor performance and respond in real time. This enables processors to benchmark suppliers, and helps avoid potential problems by building on past trends.”

What does Innova Quality Control do?

“Innova QC allows for flexible registration, reliable data collection, and full traceability, with all inspections directly linked to production, raw material source, or final products.”

“Fish producers can feel more in charge and more at ease about quality control, fulfilling the demands of food standards, undergoing audits, and communicating with buyers.”

Is this a new product?

“The second generation of Innova QC was just released [in March 2014]. The software now provides quality managers with a toolbox they can use to tailor a solid, functional, and rapid response quality control system to their particular needs.”

How does it give quality managers better control?

“Keeping processing times to a minimum is crucial for fresh fish processors. If there is a quality deviation, they must know in real time in order to respond quickly and appropriately to prevent possible risk and minimize costly disruptions. Moving from paper to paperless quality control, using Innova QC, is the best way to do this.”

“If a processor finds out today, for example, that the temperature was higher than expected last week, it is already too late to take action. But if he or she knows that there are some temperature problems right now, then there can be an immediate response, and corrective action can minimize product losses and production delays.”

“Innova QC supports international food safety standards, and all types of quality management systems, big and small.”

Can inspections that aren’t done on a daily basis be scheduled?

“Yes, Innova QC handles irregular inspection scheduling. For each inspection, at any given time, the scheduler will include the correct inspection list, which will appear on the device to be used for that inspection. This ensures that all inspections are done at the right time and by the right personnel.”

Have many companies invested in Innova Quality Control to date?

“Over 1000 Innova systems have been sold, including about 150 Innova QC systems, with nearly 500 QC stations.”

“So yes, many companies are already enjoying the benefits of Innova Quality Control! It is a mature system that has been developed in cooperation with some of the world’s major food production companies.”