28/04/14 Updated 16/04/19

Perfect seafood portioning

What do you do with the trimmings and waste from your fresh block and mince products? Would you like to go a step further and develop innovative new seafood products?

With the RevoPortioner you can make perfectly portioned products at low pressure, while retaining the texture and structure of your raw material.

This can be done without the need for additives to make it stick together, thus avoiding additional costs and keeping the fresh flavor of the fish intact.


The RevoPortioner provides a unique opportunity for fish processors to add value to fresh fish products, turning trimmings into profitable opportunities.

Consistent top-quality products such as fish cakes, fish burgers, seafood fantasy, and fish fillets, are made in an energy efficient process with an unbeaten payback time.

Since we came up with the RevoPortioner in 1999, as an innovative approach in portioning technology, we have amassed a vast amount of knowledge and research to deliver a range of machines that serve the needs of many satisfied processors across the globe.

Come and experience it for yourself

To sample the structure and texture of a seafood product portioned on the RevoPortioner, visit the Marel stand at Seafood Processing Global in Brussels.

A RevoPortioner specialist will be at hand, and you can even taste these enticing products with a crisp, golden coating, prepared in front of you by our chef at the stand.