20/11/17 Updated 26/03/19

Poultry ShowHow hits the mark

Marel Poultry ‘stretches its legs’ in Copenhagen

Marel Poultry ‘stretches its legs’ in Copenhagen

When and where in the world is it possible to visit a showplant, an exhibition and a conference in only one day? There’s only one opportunity every two years: the Poultry ShowHow organized by Marel Poultry for invited customers only.

On November 9th, this event took place for the second time in Progress Point, Copenhagen and it hit the nail on the head. The Marel Poultry ShowHow attracted a strong representation of the poultry industry. They were unanimously enthusiastic about the extensive and focused program.

This is only the second time we organized the Marel Poultry ShowHow and again we succeeded to raise the bar by offering our customers an experience of high added value., Arie Tulp, Sales & Marketing Director - Marel Poultry

Customers from Israel to Iceland and from Portugal to Russia traveled to Copenhagen, eager to experience Marel Poultry’s ShowHow.

The theme “Stretch your legs” was very well received; it closely connected to the daily experience of the poultry processors. Currently, the upgrading of leg meat is on everybody’s minds. It seems illogical that European consumers only eat breast meat and regard the rest of the chicken meat as second-rate. It is no secret that “dark” leg meat is often perceived as juicier and tastier than breast meat, while nutritional value and composition are the same, with only slightly more fat. This shared opinion about the upgrading leg meat created a real positive vibe in Progress Point.


Poultry ShowHow event 2017

One of the striking activities of the day was the processing of real chicken legs. Therefore, the Progress Point hall featured an elaborate cut-up configuration, dressed up as a one-day-showplant. A long ACM-NT overhead conveyor track with various modules and many connected equipment showcased the technological qualities of the Marel Poultry systems to the customers. It was an impressive sight to see the line running as if it were a real plant, especially at full speed (7,200 shackles/h).

Hands on

Visitors were overwhelmed by the large amount of processes which took place in the demo hall, such as fixed weight leg batching and packing by means of the ACM-NT modules and multi-job drumstick batching and packing with the help of  the new 20-head MultiHead Weigher.

Poultry ShowHow event 2017

Other subjects calling for attention were leg/drumstick batching and styling using the RoboBatcher as well as thigh fillet portion cutting and 360° tray labeling. The Innova room was also crowded with people attracted by the opportunities offered by Innova IMPAQT software.

Of course, the Thigh Fillet System was one of the main eye-catchers; customers really wanted to see the inline thigh deboning process with their own eyes; for that purpose the Poultry ShowHow was the ideal opportunity. This solution exactly represented the theme of this day: the upgrade of poultry legs to retail quality, boneless fillets. Customers could see the process for themselves through the transparent doors. It couldn’t get much more “hands on” than this, because they really took the resulting thigh fillets from the belt to subject them to an accurate inspection.


Nan-Dirk Mulder at Poultry ShowHow 2017

During the Poultry ShowHow, the keynotes hit the mark too and were extremely well visited. Interesting subjects such as profitably expanding the leg meat scope by further processing and the wide variety of options for leg meat portioning intrigued the audience by staying close to the general theme. Besides a general view on the world of proteins, visitors could also enjoy a clear explanation of Innova IMPAQT software. External keynote speaker Nan-Dirk Mulder of Rabobank attracted full attention of the gathered European processors. With great interest, they heard Nan-Dirk clarify developments in the poultry world and outline future industry trends.

Raised the bar

Altogether, all attendees looked back on a particularly successful event. Arie Tulp, Sales & Marketing Director said: "This is only the second time we organized the Marel Poultry ShowHow and again we succeeded to raise the bar by offering our customers an experience of high added value."