17/08/17 Updated 08/07/19

Primary pork processing

With the acquisition in 2016 of MPS Meat Processing Systems, Marel has added a substantial portfolio of equipment and systems for primary processing to an already extensive portfolio for secondary and further processing.

Now Marel Meat solutions reach all the way “from live animal receipt to finished pack”. Pig slaughter lines are available for various capacities ranging from 40 up to 1,600 pigs per hour.


Efficient and gentle handling of animals pre-slaughter (animal welfare) is essential for excellent meat quality. Marel Meat is able to design the optimum stables and train staff in best animal handling procedures.


Marel can build and supply both electronic and CO2 gas stunning systems, and so provides the best solution based on customer demands.


We work with various scalding solutions from vertical spray water scalding, condensation (vapor) scalding or the more traditional pull-through (bath) scalding system.


Marel Meat offers different types of optimally designed dehairing machines for specific conditions and capacities.


After dehairing the carcasses are finished (drying, singeing, washing, polishing) in order to achieve the most effective and clean skin.


The evisceration area will be more and more automated by the implementation of industrial robots (the M-Line). This is a development strongly based on optimizing labor use and maximizing efficiency, minimizing contamination and increasing the shelf life of the final product.


Marel Meat supplies automatic systems for transporting carcasses to the equalizing rooms and assigning of carcass qualities to different storage areas.

After chilling the carcasses are sent to the secondary processing starting at the deboning hall for a split into “primals” (ham-, loin-, belly and shoulder) typically deboned and trimmed according to customer specifications.