30/03/15 Updated 26/03/19

Processing lines in focus

Watch videos of the processing lines demonstrated at Meat ShowHow 2015.

From carcass intake to product dispatch

The focus at this year’s Meat ShowHow, was on demonstrating complete processing lines with different case-ready products. The aim was to show visitors how processes can be optimized and to provide inspiration with interesting end products.

Central to the featured lines, was that they all started at deboning and trimming. For example, on a DeboFlex line for the deboning of pork fore-ends or on a StreamLine deboning and trimming line. From there, the primal products entered into the case-ready lines and the trim entered the further processing lines.

Watch the videos of the processing lines demonstrated at Meat ShowHow 2015.

The following processing lines were demonstrated:

  • Beef steak line - Bone-in, beef rib eye is processed into the most visually appealing, consistently shaped; highest quality beef steaks and packaged into exact weight trays. Innova software across the complete line measures yield, give away and throughput.
  • Hamburger line - Beef trimmings, meat packages and primals are processed into hamburgers. Innova software provides full traceability throughout the whole line in order to improve food safety.
  • Marinated pork steak line - Deboned and trimmed fore-ends are crust frozen, portioned into steaks that are marinated and loaded into trays. It is a semi-automated line that creates extra yield and added value.
  • Minced Meat line - Beef trimmings are checked for bones, ground, mixed and portioned into fixed weight minced meat blocks that are loaded into trays. Thanks to a central recipe management system, full traceability of the process is ensured as well as superior quality and uniformity of finished products.
  • Pork sausage line - Pork trimmings and meat packages are processed, analyzed for fat content, linked and loaded into trays. Manual handling is reduced and control of the process is improved.
  • Schnitzel line - Full muscle texture schnitzels are produced with intact meat which is flattened and further processed. It is a fully integrated system from the intake of raw material to the packed end product. Especially interesting for the retail market and food service sector.