11/10/17 Updated 26/03/19

Regional Saudi and Russian poultry trends

Saudi Agriculture and Agroprodmash 2017 exhibitions
Saudi Agriculture
Ernst Kah (Marel Poultry) and Gregory Caspanni (AACE) at Saudi Agriculture 2017

Two trade shows were taking place simultaneously in the beginning of October 2017. In Riyadh, during the Saudi Agriculture exhibition, Marel Poultry teamed up with AACE to guide visitors through Marel’s world of poultry processing. In Moscow, the Russian Marel Poultry team was accompanied by the people from Marel Meat and Marel Water Treatment.

At both events, we noticed different regional poultry processing trends, to which we can respond easily, making use of our innovative solutions.

Saudi Agriculture

Saudi Agriculture, the largest agricultural exhibition in the Middle East, proved to be a successful and useful gathering of international suppliers and end users in a variety of domains such as farm construction, feed mill supply and processing equipment.

Marel Poultry could welcome a large amount of interested visitors, among whom many existing and new customers, who were challenged by the market to expand their operations. They all found Marel Poultry as the perfect business partner, given the fact that we can provide made-to-measure solutions around the world. The trend in the Arabian region is to install complete supply chain integrations from hatchery to processing plant.  Ongoing optimizations, however, are also very searched after in the Middle East.



During Agroprodmash, the visitors of the Marel Poultry stand were mainly interested in the possibilities of the new Stork Thigh Fillet System. Russian processors are facing the challenge to automate their processes, given the higher production speeds needed. Keeping all processes inline is the only way to go and that’s why the Thigh Fillet System, as the world's first fully inline thigh filleting solution for high capacities, is a most suitable option.

At this year’s Agroprodmash Marel Further Processing attracted many visitors too. Convenience products have great potential at the Russian food market and processors are eager to produce them.

Marel’s Water Treatment department also aroused a lot of attention. In Russia, the question what to do with the waste water from the processes is asked too. It is becoming an important theme and Marel Water Treatment is at the right place at the right time.

During Agroprodmash 2017, the members of the Russian sales team, among whom Maria Anosova, Danila Mikhailov, Vasiliy Ryabov, Artem Rankovskiy, Kirill Tchizhikov and Christ van Zantvoort, were busy all the time talking to interested visitors and explaining about Marel Poultry’s advanced processing solutions.