26/07/12 Updated 26/03/19

Results presented for Q2 2012

Marel‘s Board of Management presented the financial results for second quarter of 2012 at an investor meeting at Marel headquarters this morning.

“We are satisfied that the business keeps growing and the order book stays at a good level,” said Theo Hoen, CEO of Marel, when presenting the company’s results for Q2.

He reflected on the events of his own life during the last quarter and came to the conclusion that there are similarities to the business of Marel; “ We have emphasised that results can vary from quarter to quarter. That is the case in the second quarter of this year. We have grown by 18% compared to the first half of last year with an EBIT margin of 9%.”

Erik Kaman, CFO, presented the financial statements and discussed the results in more detail. He highlighted the strong revenue growth of 15.2%, compared to the same quarter last year. He discussed the development of the EBIT margin and explained that lower margin was due to extra cost in relation to various projects, coping with continued strong growth and an unfavourable product mix.

“The EBIT margin is 9% for the first half of the year and the target remains at 10-12%. The order book is at a good level so we are optimistic that profit margins will rise in the second half of the year.”