05/02/14 Updated 31/05/19

Salmon industry gathers for the 13th Marel Salmon ShowHow

Marel’s thirteenth Salmon ShowHow, taking place at Marel’s new Progress Point demonstration center in Copenhagen today, has attracted around 260 visitors representing 138 companies from 28 countries. This makes it the biggest Salmon ShowHow ever held.
Salmon ShowHow 2014

In the salmon industry today, there are ever-increasing demands for processors to uphold food safety, increase yield, and improve the utilization of raw materials.

The cost of raw materials in the salmon industry is so high that it is critical for salmon processors to address these demands, and Marel’s new products and product enhancements, as featured at the Salmon ShowHow, are designed precisely to help them succeed in doing this.

Helping Processors Maximize Yield and Utilization of Raw Materials

Marel’s range of equipment and solutions helps salmon processors increase yield and optimize utilization of raw materials in every process, from manual processing to fully automatic operations.

In the fillet processing sector, we achieve this in new ways, such as with the fully automated ITM2 Trimming Line, and the new back-trim capability of our MS2730 Filleting Machine.

Salmon ShowHow 2014

Marel's ITM2 Trimming Robot is the ideal solution for high-volume, high-value salmon trimming. Featuring advanced vision technology, the ITM2 calculates the most profitable cut configuration based on weight, shape, and/or color grade parameters, before trimming loins, belly sides and fillet surfaces at up to 25 fillets/minute.

What this cut configuration ultimately means for salmon processors, is higher yield – both for high-value trims and overall – with uniform trimming tailored to the processor’s specifications, with high reliability and throughput, and consistently high quality.

For manual trimming lines, the MS2730 Filleting Machine now includes back-trim, reducing handling and time further down the line, and filleting at up to 18 fillets/minute with the back-trim.

This superior filleter with back trimming is one of the most advanced filleters on the market, proven to handle both pre-rigor and post-rigor fish. The back trimming optimizes yield and reduces the need for manual trimming.

When the filleter is followed by the ITP6 Trimming Line, processors can further optimize high-value yield by slowing down the belt speed for pin-boning and manual trimming, which ultimately reduces the strain on operators and improves product handling.

Processors can also program the line speed to suit various product types, order levels, labor fluctuations, etc., and these programs can then be saved for repeated use.

For value-adding processes, Marel’s range of slicing equipment offers salmon processors the automation, flexibility, and reliability they need to satisfy their customer and food safety requirements.

Since the I-Slice 3300 Retail Pack Slicer was introduced in 2013, it has proved itself to outperform any existing models in terms of capacity, efficiency, accuracy, and slicing angle interval.

The new I-Slice packing lines now enable processors to drastically reduce, or even avoid, the use of boards/trays – the first line of its kind to make this possible.

This new feature makes the packing process more environmentally friendly, as well as reducing costs. Its unique features also include the ability to separate unusable slices from good slices, and offers various ways to deliver slices for packing.

Even in the packing area, Marel has come up with yet another product that improves performance, with the new EOL Case Packing Robot, which intelligently places retail packs into boxes or crates – rotating them to fill the space in the best possible way, at up to 130 packs/minute.

Salmon ShowHow 2014

Food Safety and Quality Control

In all processes, Marel is actively aware of today's rapidly evolving market demands with regards to high-quality products and food safety.

The company’s Innova Food Processing Software help processors to deal with these demands by giving them paperless control and automation of their quality control, as well as enabling real-time monitoring and rapid response to any deviations.

Quality Control has been a central component of the Innova portfolio from the start. Marel is now releasing a new generation of Innova Quality Control that can be implemented for salmon processing plants from receiving to dispatch and further automates the quality control process.

It allows processors, for example, to customize inspection lists, set up inspection scheduling, and conduct offline inspections.

With Innova, quality control becomes an integrated part of production management and helps you achieve quality management and traceability across the entire plant.

As the ShowHow drew to a close this afternoon, Jón Birgir Gunnarsson, Managing Director of Marel’s Fish Industry Center, had this to say about the event: “I’m very pleased with the feedback from customers today who have been commenting in particular about how daring it is for Marel to hold this event year after year – promising to come up with something new that improves salmon processing every year, and always delivering on that promise.”