27/06/16 Updated 05/07/19

Serving the French polyvalent market

Stork evisceration line installed at Les Eleveurs de la Champagne
Les Eleveurs de la Champagne

Marel Poultry recently installed an all-new Stork Nuova polyvalent evisceration and giblet harvesting system at the Les Eleveurs de la Champagne plant, located near Reims in France. Evisceration systems have to be extremely versatile in the French poultry industry, as various poultry breeds are processed.

Based at Caurel near Reims the company “Les Eleveurs de la Champagne” has been located in the heart of the Champagne region for over 50 years. The company is well-known and owes its reputation to the consistent quality of its products which also receive regular awards at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris. The company processes a variety of poultry such as the standard chicken, red label chicken, turkey and capon.

In order to cope with the variable sizes, weights, biological shapes and other characteristics, processing solutions have to be really versatile. The evisceration process, in particular, presents many challenges when it comes to adapting to such variations. As Label Rouge chickens are valuable, it is crucial not to damage them during evisceration.

A challenging weekend

Les Eleveurs de la Champagne didn’t want installation of the new equipment to stop production. Marel Poultry’s technicians, therefore, saw themselves faced with the substantial challenge of installing the new Stork EV system over a single long weekend. The teams from Eleveurs de la Champagne and Marel Poultry did an excellent job in achieving this!

The people of Les Eleveurs de la Champagne were extremely satisfied with the result. All performances which were agreed beforehand were accomplished; they even exceeded expectations.

Regional chicken breeds

There was a point in time when local chicken races seemed to be disappearing in favor of the standard broiler. But nowadays this trend has been reversed and France now boasts many different breeds of broiler chickens. Some of them even have protected names, bound to a region, with a controlled production in a PGI geographic zone (Protected Geographical Indication).

This is the case with the “red label” chicken breed “Fermier de la Champagne” produced by the company Eleveurs de la Champagne. Breeding of this chicken in a defined area around Reims is mandatory. This in itself provides strong protection for both the regional market and breeders as well as associating consumers closely with products from their own region.

Les Eleveurs de la ChampagneLes Eleveurs de la Champagne

Les Eleveurs de la Champagne is a company founded in 1959 by farmers who wanted to capitalize on their expertise in chicken breeding. Thanks to this original initiative, which attracted a growing number of consumers, the company has grown enormously since. It's secret to getting the best poultry products? The resources of its own region.

Today, the company Les Eleveurs de la Champagne employs 175 people and has a turnover of 40 million Euros. Commitments remain unchanged: food safety, traceability, IFS (International Food Standard), a responsible attitude towards the environment, professional ethics and, of course, respect for animal welfare.