09/07/19 Updated 25/10/19

Software KnowHow in Kansas City this September

We are excited to announce that the registration for our next Software KnowHow, Innova User Conference, in Kansas City on 25-26 September 2019 is now open.

Software KnowHow

At the Software KnowHow, attendees can attend a variety of sessions including ones about device control, label design, traceability, and data visualization. There will also be several guest speakers sharing their stories on how software has helped them overcome challenges, as well as what software functionality they would like to see next from Marel.

“We want to be open, transparent, and we want to make sure that we are developing the right product for you.”, Hjalti Thórarinsson, VP of Innova -

Last April, Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software hosted a similar event at Progress Point in Copenhagen with attendees from poultry, meat and fish industries. It provided a unique opportunity for new and current Innova users to come together to learn more about Innova and share their experiences using it.

Software KnowHow

Every presentation or breakout session provides customers with the chance to ask questions of our Innova experts. This has let us not only teach customers about existing solutions to their challenges but learn more about what they are looking for from us going forward.

We announced an addition of a new partnership program to our existing Innova Lifecycle Support at our last Software KnowHow. The goal of this was to focus on obtaining insights directly from partnerships with our customers, allowing their opinions to directly influence where we go next.

We get the opportunity to speak to the Subject Matter Experts from Innova and drill them and think about what they can do for us. From my point of view, it's got me thinking about what could Moy Park and Marel do together as a development partnership to make a difference for both companies., David Andersen, Moy Park -

We are looking forward to exploring these partnerships further with you this September in Kansas City.

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