24/05/18 Updated 26/03/19

The benefits of unique flattening by Platino

Tried and tested: up to 36% less oven capacity needed

Tried and tested: up to 36% less oven capacity needed

Platino Flattener

Using a Platino Flattener prior to oven frying of poultry products will bring many benefits. One of them is the tried and tested reduced need for oven capacity. Marel’s Platino Flattener uses a unique technology to flatten poultry products.

Suitable for boneless, non-frozen poultry, the system delivers portions that maintain both their quality and shape after flattening.

Product massaging

In the entire industry, there is no machine that handles product like the Platino flattener does. Usually, flattening protein is done with two belts squeezing the meat. Instead, the Platino technology “massages” the products with its knuckled rollers. This procedure leaves the meat with a much better texture and improved water holding capacity, ensuring far higher yield compared to traditional flattening processes.

By utilizing two drums that knead the poultry meat instead of applying straight pressure flattening, Platino prevents damage to the meat. The massaging effect leaves the product more pliable which results in increased and faster brine or marinade absorption during tumbling. When cooked, products from the Platino do not shrink back to their original shapes.

A good bite

Platino Flattener

Platino’s twisted kneading drums also help create products with improved water holding capacity, resulting in increased yield. At the same time, bounce back is highly reduced and so is the memory effect. The unique flattening technique prevents ripped meat fibers and delivers more tender end products. The meat has an unaffected muscle integrity, so in the end it is still a whole muscle product with a meaty texture and good bite. Processing poultry by means of Platino is an excellent way of securing uniformity and meat quality.

Less oven capacity needed

There’s a distinct benefit when Platino processing is applied before oven frying. First of all, the flattened shape secures a uniform frying time. Thanks to their uniform size and shape, products don’t need to spend that much time in the oven anymore. Extensive testing by Marel Poultry’s specialists with fresh, fresh injected, tumbled and defrosted products has demonstrated that up to 36% more products can be fried with the same oven capacity! Such an efficient use of your existing oven capacity eliminates the need for investing in extra oven capacity when throughput increases.

Natural looks

It is easier for operators to handle products flattened by Platino. Apart from that, the packed products will look more uniform and attractive to the consumer. Without Platino, products would be ball-shaped, which seems unnatural. Flattened products appear more like natural fillets in a tray. Additionally, the enlarged surface allows more batter and breading on the products, if applicable.

The benefits of Platino flattener

  • Improved water holding capacity increases yield
  • Unique “massaging” technology with knuckled rollers
  • No damage to the muscle integrity
  • Reduced need for oven capacity
  • The enlarged surface allows more batter and breading on the products
  • Packed products look more uniform and attractive to the consumer

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