04/09/18 Updated 26/03/19

The digital cookbook 2.0

Innova Recipe Manager - consistency builds trust
Innova Recipe Manager

Globally, there’s an increasing demand for convenience food and snacks. The preparation of further processed food requires precise and consistent recipes, which should offer maximum food traceability and batch control. The new Recipe Manager in Innova is specifically designed for such real recipes – basically it’s a digital cookbook 2.0!

When you have an order for marinated chicken breast fillet, Innova’s Recipe Manager is at hand to help prepare just the right ratio of chicken breast and marinade sauce. The individual spices to be added can all be digitally formulated and this will make exactly the right marinade. The Recipe Manager is capable of producing a wide variety of end products, such as hot wings, nuggets, garlic&lemon breast fillets and all sorts of breaded products, whole muscle or minced. Innova’s Recipe Manager can even compose the recipes of how to make mince as well as the marinate itself. Eventually it will be even able to make recipes for entire ready meals.

Traceability is key to this module, -

Merged material

The Recipe Manager can be used anywhere in the process where batches of material are merged. “In Innova Recipe Manager, the recipe editor determines the ingredients and sequence of operations needed to make the product,” says Danny Sudlow, Product Specialist Innova Poultry. “But the key words are traceability, batch control and consistency.”

Batch control

The Recipe Manager involves communication between the office and the operator in the factory. Once the master recipe and the required batches have been digitally composed in the production control office, the real work (weighing and scanning) can be done in the production facility. The results of the Recipe Manager appear on the operator interface in the factory, telling the operator which tasks to perform.


The Recipe Manager system is paperless, with built-in quality control as well as real-time process control of what goes into the batches and how.

The reporting tool shows how Recipe Manager ensures traceability. It shows the exact origin and supplier of all ingredients of the recipe batch, even from which farm and flock of chickens the fillets have come from. In a world where the precise origin of every food item is under close scrutiny, this high level of traceability is an important asset.