09/02/17 Updated 03/06/19

Tour de Marel continues to support children in Ivory Coast

Tour de Marel is an annual global charity event taking place for the third time in September 2014.

Marel employees around the globe will unite to raise money for SOS Children’s Villages in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages plays a vital role in providing children in need with a safe and loving family home. The organization supports families in their care for children and gives orphaned and abandoned children a new home in one of their children’s villages.

Impact of Marel’s support

Last year Tour de Marel raised over €75,000 for SOS Children’s Villages in Ivory Coast. The money raised was used to build a new school in Yamoussoukro which will open its doors to over 200 children in September this year. Tour de Marel continues to support the children in Yamoussoukro and the money raised this year will be used to support the school and to help ensure that its students are provided with quality education.

Marel is pleased to be able to support education further afield in the global community where even the most basic educational needs of children are often not being met. In order to secure an education for all the children in the SOS village in Yamoussoukro, Marel has begun a three-year partnership with the SOS Children’s Villages.

The school’s curriculum will offer a good foundation in primary education for the children in the SOS Children’s Village as well as in the broader community in Yamoussoukro.

Margot Ende-Van den Broek Managing Director of the SOS Children’s Villages in the Netherlands says, “SOS Children’s Villages are proud to be a partner of Marel and beneficiary of Tour de Marel. Marel employees have made a significant difference in the lives of the children in Ivory Coast. With their support we were able to build a new school. Marel employees have ensured quality education for generations of children.”

Tour de Marel – the event

Marel employees will unite in this event to support SOS Children’s Villages, competing in sports and taking part in other activities with family and friends. Activities and events will be held in various Marel locations 12 - 14 September.

The charity drive kicked off with the launch of the Tour de Marel promotion site. The site serves as a registration page and information source where people can sign up to support members of their local Marel team and contribute to a worthy cause.

Árni Oddur Thórdarson, CEO of Marel:

“With our global partnership with the SOS Children Village’s we have committed ourselves to supporting education further afield in the global community. We are thrilled about the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of others and to be able to give back. We are passionate about this project and if I know my team well, we will all come together in raising further support for the SOS Children’s Villages in Yamoussoukro.”

Activities will take place at each Marel location, on or around Marel premises. For more information and to support SOS Children’s Villages in Ivory Coast, visit our Tour de Marel website: tourdemarel.com