09/02/17 Updated 04/01/19

Tour de Marel raises €75,000 for SOS Children’s Villages

Marel employees continued their support for children in the SOS Children’s Villages in Ivory Coast this year, raising €75,000.

The money will be used to build a library in Yamoussokro that will greatly improve the learning environment for over 4,000 children. Over the last three years, Marel employees have raised €225,000 for children in Yamoussoukro.

The money raised during the company’s global Tour de Marel event in 2015 will be used to build a library that will greatly enhance the learning environment for more than 4,000 children in the Yamoussoukro community. Marel is pleased to be able to support education in a place where even children’s most basic educational needs are often not being met.

Marel employees around the world took part in the 2015 Tour de Marel by running, walking, cycling, and participating in a variety of other fundraising activities. In this single 24-hour period employees in Iceland, with the help of friends and family, ran and cycled 6,500 km, the distance from Iceland to Ivory Coast.

SOS Children’s Villages plays a vital role in providing children in need with a safe and loving family home. The organization helps families care for children and provides orphaned and abandoned children with homes.

For the last three years, Marel employees have raised a total of €225,000 that has been used to support children in Yamoussoukro. In 2013, Marel employees raised money to build a new school in the city.

The Tour de Marel School opened its doors in September 2014 and now provides quality education to 150 children from 6 to 16 years old. The school offers a good foundation in primary education for the children of Yamoussoukro, whether they live in the local SOS Children’s Village or in the broader community.

In 2014, Marel employees raised money to support the school and to renovate sanitary facilities for public schools in the Dioulakro district of Yamoussoukro. In 2015 the money raised will be used to build a library that will greatly enhance the learning environment of over 4,000 children in the Yamoussoukro community.

“Marel is one of the most active and committed partners of SOS Children’s Villages. It’s really heart-warming to see how employees of Marel all over the world are putting their energy towards improving education for children in need. With Marel’s support we were able to build a primary school, build a library and renovate 8 public schools in a very deprived community in Yammousoukro, Ivory Coast. Over 3.000 vulnerable children benefit from Marel’s support,” says Margot Ende-van den Broek, Managing Director of SOS Children’s Villages in the Netherlands.

She adds, “As a direct spin-off of Marel’s commitment, the Ivory Coast Ministry of Education has decided that the supported schools will be extended with nine extra classrooms. On behalf of the children in Yamoussoukro I would like to thank all Marel employees for their efforts. You are making a true difference in the lives of many children.”

Árni Oddur Thórdarson, CEO of Marel, commented:

“Marel has been supporting SOS children’s Villages in Ivory Coast for several years and I am proud of what our employees have accomplished there. Together we have managed to contribute to a brighter future for the children in Yamoussoukro.

West Africa and its people have enormous potential and if done correctly the people there can build sustainable economies. We have in partnership with forward looking local processors been advancing the poultry industry in West Africa with the build-up of several small Greenfields in the region. This will have a huge impact on food safety and affordability.”