12/12/15 Updated 26/03/19


Tray Track is an automatic system to take trays from where they are filled to a remote, dedicated tray sealing/wrapping and labeling area and chill store, without taking up valuable floor space.
Tray Track

An innovative, new solution in tray handling

Tray Track is a flexible system which uses automatic buffers to match different size trays to multiple tray sealing/wrapping and labeling lines.

In addition, it allows all products to be tracked and traced through to the end of the packing process. At the same time giving management real-time information on the efficiency of sealing/wrapping and labeling equipment.

Enter TrayTrack

The new TrayTrack system takes unsealed/unwrapped trays of meat products from where they are loaded and distributes them intelligently over multiple sealing/ wrapping and labeling lines.

Tray Track

An innovative way of using an overhead conveyor

A TrayTrack line consists of an overhead conveyor system with covered tray carriers. Trays are loaded automatically into the carriers which then move them to the sealing/wrapping and labeling lines.

Better packaging room layout

With TrayTrack, tray filling and tray sealing/ wrapping and labeling can be kept entirely separate. This gives the advantage of one clear central tray sealing/wrapping and labeling area. Moving product between the two areas does not take up valuable floor space as this happens on an overhead conveyor system.

Full tracking and tracing

The system software can be easily programmed and will then run automatically. In addition it makes full tracking and tracing possible.