24/02/16 Updated 26/03/19

Variety and uniformity with FleXicut

The FleXicut high precision water-jet cutter for pinbone removal and portioning has been installed at several fish processing facilities in Europe, enabling the companies to move closer to the forefront of the whitefish processing sector.


This innovative, new generation of automatic pinbone removal and portioning technology has allowed whitefish processors like Fisk Seafood, Norway Seafoods, Jakob Valgeir and Vísir to greatly reduce labor, increase yield and improve product quality.

Vísir hf.—a company with four processing facilities around Iceland—has now been running FleXicut with product distribution since February 2015. The company produces mostly salted fish as well as a large selection of frozen, fresh, and dried products.

The great benefits we’re seeing are the variety of products we can produce, as well as in the same uniform product we get every time. In addition, FleXicut is now doing the same job as 10 employees on the flow line used to do, and the yield is meeting our goals., Pétur Pálsson, CEO of Vísir hf. -

Marel has enjoyed a strong partnership with Vísir for many years. “For the seafood industry, working with a company like Marel can bring high value to the sector,” says Pálsson.

He adds, “With FleXicut, Marel is bringing hi-tech to the heart of the fish processing factory and this will influence the entire process. This is one of the biggest steps towards automation that we’ve seen for a very long time in fish processing technology.”