27/01/20 Updated 04/02/20

Welcoming back the Software KnowHow to Copenhagen

Marel is excited to welcome back attendees to Progress Point Copenhagen for our Software KnowHow. The past year showed us just exactly how much interest our customers have in attending user conferences like this, as well as how valuable they were for them.
There's a lot of emerging technology coming out, AI, Buisness Intelligence, reporting, augmented reality, machine learning... There's so much going on right now, and it's so nice to see that you guys are on top of that., Mike Lindsey, Sr. Director of Manufacturing Systems - Perdue Farms

The offerings we have at the Software KnowHow are unique and go far more in-depth about our Innova food processing software than many events you can attend.

Keynote speakers

The Software KnowHow is the one event to attend to find out about what big things are in store from our software team. Our keynote speakers are here to inform you about upcoming software releases, updates to existing modules, and how we are making changes to support you as our customers better.

Breakout sessions

The breakout sessions provide attendees an in-depth explanation of the different functionalities Innova offers, while tying that information to the demands the food industry has for so many processors. With live demonstrations and a question and answer segment with software specialists, these sessions have been one of the biggest draws for attendees.

Software KnowHow Copenhagen

Guest Speakers

We want to ensure that the people you hear from are also relatable, so we have specially invited guest speakers from all around the world to share their experiences. At previous events we have invited industry professionals, professors, and even former Marel employees to give us their views on the industries and how software can help them to grow.

Software KnowHow

Along with all of these great panels to attend, we make sure to keep things fun for those in attendance by giving them a chance to mingle with catered coffee breaks throughout the event and a dinner with live entertainment. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with peers in other industries and hear about the similarities and differences in the way you use our software solutions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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