26/11/15 Updated 31/05/19

Whitefish ShowHow highlights benefits of new technologies

Around 170 visitors from 17 countries around the world have gathered for Marel’s Whitefish ShowHow in Copenhagen today, 26 November 2015.

The guests, representing more than 90 companies, took part in hands-on demonstrations of the latest advances in whitefish processing equipment and heard guest speakers address some of the key issues the industry faces today.

The full-day event targeted whitefish processors, with a focus on demonstrations of new technology in primary, secondary, and value-added processes. The demonstrations highlighted how Marel equipment, systems, and software solutions enable processors to meet consumer and industry demands and trends such as: the trend towards fresh production and the subsequent push for close-to-source and close-to-market processing; the focus on value-added production and enhanced product presentation; and the environmental drive to minimize the carbon footprint.

Bringing production closer to source

A key benefit of new technology in fish processing, such as we’re demonstrating today, is that it makes production more affordable. This opens up new opportunities in places like Europe and Scandinavia, where processors can consequently consider moving their production closer to source – back to Europe., Sigurdur Ólason, Managing Director, Marel Fish Industry Division -

“This trend is further supported by the rising costs in China and lack of labor availability, but also by the general increased demand for fresh and local product – with a lower carbon footprint and overall more sustainable,” added Ólason.

Marel’s software solutions further support this trend as Stuart McBride, Innova System Consultant, explained: “Order preparation and inventory management are expected to become more complex as retailers tend to push the store order handling process backwards in the supply chain. Marel will extensively support this closer-to-source supply with complete logistics capabilities including advanced palletizing, shipment and dispatch solutions. Innova software will meet complete logistical challenges and at the same time ensure full traceability and food safety compliance in accordance with all regularity bodies.”

Automatic Pinbone Removal for whitefish

The demonstration of automatic pinbone removal with FleXicut's water jets and high-yield fillet cutting was a highlight of the day. The FleXicut concept responds to the industry’s need to deliver higher quality, higher value products, and increases the variety of boneless products with higher levels of precision, automation, and flexibility.

“Our customers can use the FleXicut to remove pinbones at the highest level of precision and quality, while also increasing their volume and product offering,” said Gudbjörg Gudmundsdóttir, Project Manager at Marel. “Our visitors have enjoyed seeing with their own eyes how we’ve automated the traditionally manual labor-intensive process of removing bones from whitefish.”

Whitefish ShowHow 2015

Marel is now preparing to hold its 15th Salmon ShowHow—10 February 2016—but today’s event was the company’s first Whitefish ShowHow, so organizers are very pleased that it was both well attended and well received by processors from such a diverse range of companies and locations.

See marel.com/wfsh for further details about the event, and to look out for the date of the next Whitefish ShowHow.

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