Marel Poultry

Stork Food Systems was acquired by Marel in 2008. The acquisition included Stork PMT and Stork Gamco, which have been among the most reputable brands in the poultry processing industry for years, renowned for innovation and quality.


Stork PMT

Stork started its activities in the poultry processing industry in 1963. While expanding the existing production facilities in Boxmeer Stork took over a local machine factory called "De Wiericke". Next to manufacturing products such as piping for ships, furnaces and extractor fans this company performed installation and service jobs in the poultry processing industry.

Stork decided to maintain this service and at the same time look into the possibilities of expanding these activities. The European poultry processing industry was on the eve of mechanization and automation which resulted in the birth of a Stork poultry division.

Originally started as a separate activity within the Boxmeer based Stork Textile and Paper division the poultry branch began to grow rapidly. In 1975 an independent subsidiary under the name Stork PMT (Poultry processing Machinery and Technology) was established.

Stork PMT has been the leading and trend setting company in poultry processing equipment and systems.

Stork Gamco

Gamco began operations in 1944 as a local machine and welding shop to provide repair work for the Gainesville area, which included poultry processing plants. The company was founded originally as Gainesville Machine Company.

In the early 1940's, the company became involved in the development of scalding and picking equipment and by the late 1950's had progressed to providing a full line of equipment, parts, and services. In the early 1970's, the company was purchased by ChickMaster Corporation and consolidated its seven locations into one new 113,000 square foot facility. The company name was also changed to GAMCO.

Stork N.V., acquired the company in January 1976, and changed the name to Stork Gamco. Over the years, Stork proceeded to successfully restructure the organization and automate manufacturing.