Marel has a history that goes back to 1977, when two engineers at the University of Iceland began to examine the possibility of developing and manufacturing scales for the effective control of production in fish processing plants.

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The company as we know it was established in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1983 and still has its headquarters there.

Marel has created excellent value for its shareholders since the company went public in 1992. The listing in 1992 marked a significant milestone in Marel’s progress from a startup  exclusively focused on the fishing industry to  its situation today as a leading global provider of advanced processing systems and services to the poultry, meat and fish industries. At year-end 2017, Marel had 5,400 employees working in over 30 countries and EUR 1 billion in revenues, a stark contrast to its 45 employees and revenues of EUR 6 million in 1992.

Key dates in Marel's history

1983 – Marel established in Iceland with 12 employees

1992 – Marel is listed on the Icelandic Stock Exchange

1997 – Marel acquires Carnitech in Denmark

2002 – Marel acquires CP Food Machinery

2004 – Marel acquires Pols in Iceland

2006 – Marel acquires AEW Delford in the UK

2006 – Marel acquires Scanvaegt in Denmark

2008 – Marel acquires Stork Food Systems in Holland together with Townsend, owned by Stork

2015 – Marel acquires MPS in Holland

2017 – Marel acquires Sulmaq in Brazil and has approx. 5,100 employees in 30 countries