Marel’s Origins

1979: Jon Thor Olafsson 1979: Jon Thor Olafsson

Like many other companies, Marel did not start out as a global enterprise. In fact, it did not even start as an actual company.

Marel’s roots lie in a research project led by a few men who were obsessed with electronics and wanted to change the way food was processed.

It was not long, however, before this modest project outgrew all expectations. By focusing on radical innovation and taking chances on cutting edge technology, these entrepreneurs were able to create a company based on the idea of solutions within an interlinked system, an idea which is as relevant today as it was innovative more than 30 years ago.

Entrepreneurial philosophy

These men – Jon Thor Olafsson, Hreinn Vilhjalmsson, Petur Jonsson, and Tomas Rikardsson – were part of a team of young entrepreneurs who never wanted to be merely second best and who, along with Marel’s other employees and customers, still reap the benefits from their initial entrepreneurial philosophy.

1982: Petur Jonsson 1982: Petur Jonsson

Since the day Jon Thor, Hreinn, Petur, and Tomas began designing Marel’s first electronic scale, they have experienced many changes, but they still believe the original Marel mentality is alive: Innovation, good craftsmanship, and excellence are the keys to the company’s success.

Delivering added value with each solution

Needless to say, Marel’s diverse and talented team is also a vital ingredient. Since the company’s initial days comprised of an underfunded team located in a tiny corner office at the University of Iceland, every Marel employee has been responsible for delivering added value with each solution.

Some employees are responsible for envisioning what the future entails while others must ensure everyone has their feet planted firmly on the ground. A balance of approaches, skills sets, and outlooks keeps the entire Marel machine going.

Innovation and improvement

Building and maintaining knowledge within Marel has also played a critical part in growing a company that, year after year, delivers quality service for its customers and continuously improves its solutions.

1986: Tomas Rikhardsson 1986: Tomas Rikardsson

By putting a focus on quality craftsmanship and maintaining the knowledge and ambition associated with this mindset, Marel has developed a unique innovation and improvement mentality, while dedicated service teams ensure that all Marel’s solutions are continuously working at optimal production capabilities.

Products built to last

Marel’s focus in its early days was on craftsmanship and robustness. This led to the design of products that were meant to last forever. Some of the scales designed in the first years are still in use, over three decades later. This focus on innovating excellent products is still relevant today and will hopefully continue to act as a source of pride for Marel employees around the world for many years to come.

As they are today: Hreinn Vilhjalmsson, Jon Thor Olafsson, Petur Jonsson, and Tomas Rikhardsson As they are today: Hreinn Vilhjalmsson, Jon Thor Olafsson, Petur Jonsson, and Tomas Rikardsson