Customized Demonstrations

We offer you individual customized demonstrations as well as product and equipment tryouts at Progress Point.

You have access to facilities that simulate real plant conditions. This gives you the opportunity to experiment, exchange ideas with production specialist and discover what best meets your needs and challenges. The demo center can mimic a customer’s specific production situation, so processors can see for themselves how well the equipment turns out end products that fully satisfy their requirements.



  • You will meet our product specialists and together we will explore the best solution for you
  • You have access to state of the art facilities that simulate real plant conditions
  • You can bring your own products or we will take care of products for you


  • Discover how to maximize the quality, yield and throughput of your production
  • Bring your products for tryouts and we can store your test products at the desired degree in freezer or cooler
  • Have us take care of all practical issues and order the products you would like to test. Your Marel contact person will be happy to assist you on the practical


  • On products and become more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable
  • By developing new products with our mutual knowledge and experience to develop new products
  • Try out our equipment and software with hands-on tryouts where you can see the equipment in operation
  • Test the inclusive Innova software solutions to see how they can support your business


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Lene Mortensen, Demo and Training Center Manager

Lene Mortensen

Demo and Training Center Manager

Martin Liltorp, Technical Manager

Martin Liltorp

Technical Manager