Here you can find some of the most common question on the practical side of preparing for a demo.


How far ahead must a demonstration be booked?

Any demonstration can be booked with a very short notice as Progress Point holds a comprehensive equipment inventory for all industries.


What equipment is available for training?

  • We can set up any equipment in our 900 m2 demo halls.
  • We can simulate real plant conditions during the training.

Where do we send our raw materials for testing?

Please send products to:
Marel Progress Point
Attn. / Technical Manager Martin Liltorp
Kirstinehøj 56B, Tårnby
DK-2770 Kastrup


When are you open for unloading?

Progress Point is open for unloading:
  • Monday to Thursday from 09.00-15.00
  • Friday from 09.00-12.00
If needed special arrangements can be made outside these hours.

What is your freezer/cooler capacity?

We have two storage rooms:
  • One freezer/cooler room with a capacity of : 2 Europe pallets
  • One cooler room with a capacity of : 2 Europe pallets

What loading equipment do you have?

We have:
  • A forklift that can lift up to 3,800 kg.
  • Two people who are certified to load/unload. If not present, we have external resources that can assist.
  • A loading/unloading ramp (dock) for lorries to drive directly to.

Can lorries park in the parking lot overnight?



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Lene Mortensen, Demo and Training Center Manager

Lene Mortensen

Demo and Training Center Manager

Martin Liltorp, Technical Manager

Martin Liltorp

Technical Manager