Past Events

Since Progress Point opened in 2013, the facility has brought together experts from all corners of the world to meet, train, or simply experience our equipment hands-on.

From the Salmon and Meat ShowHows, to events targeting specific processes, our demonstration halls have been buzzing with action, and our meeting rooms have been lively with the exchange of ideas and business cards.


Salmon ShowHow

Marel hosted its 13th Salmon ShowHow in February 2014, held at Progress Point for the first time. Customers from around 30 countries came to explore Marel’s range of salmon processing equipment and solutions. There was a seminar about quality control in the salmon industry, and guest speaker Gorjan Nikolik from Rabobank International discussed the key dynamics of the seafood industry.

Meat ShowHow

People came from as far away as Kenya and Australia to participate in the Meat ShowHow in April 2014 at Progress Point. Live demonstrations covered everything from carcass intake to product dispatch, and included the new DeboFlex pork deboning system, and the StreamLine primal deboning and trimming system. There were presentations on quality control and trends in the global raw material supply, and Albert Vernoij from Rabobank was a guest speaker.

Optimized Value of Residual Meat

Meat harvesting systems were presented at Progress Point in March 2014, with a focus on how to optimize the value of residual poultry meat. Following demonstrations, attendees were offered a taste of end products using meat from DMP and RotoMeat. Presentations covered topics including European labeling regulations, on-line monitoring of the deboning process, and measurement methods of residual meat. 

Value Added Event

In January 2014, meat and poultry processors from nine countries came to Progress Point to look into the future of in-line marinating from the perspective of retail, market trends, and packaging, and to attend presentations by three experts in the field: Mike de Jong from Innova Market Trends, Jon de Roeck from Sealed Air, and Kim de Smit from DGS (Dutch Grill Specialties).

Packing, Labeling, and Dispatch Event

In June 2014, Marel demonstrated how its packing hall equipment helps improve processes from pack, to box, to pallet, and dispatch. Meat, fish, and poultry processors from ten countries participated in the event at Progress Point, and guest speakers included Massimo Fedel (SafetyPack Project), Joe Fiondella (Sealed Air), and Rob Travers (Sealpac UK), covering topics from packaging safety to trends in the packaging industry.

Packing, Labeling, and Dispatch Event Gallery

Marinating Event

At Marel’s first event at Progress Point in November 2013, poultry and meat processors from Denmark and Sweden attended a live demonstration of the ValueSpray marinating unit.