You can train your teams at Progress Point to best prepare them to run new installations back home.

The hands-on environment allows them to learn and experience different challenges without any interruption to your production. In our training sessions, they have access to on site expertise that gives them in depth training and trains them to use the new equipment. The Training aims at upgrading the knowledge and qualifications of your maintenance and operations staff, as well as educating cleaning staff on the impact of their actions.



New installations need run efficiently from the start. Research has shown that over 75% of all unscheduled interruptions in food processing operations can be directly attributed to human error in the form of lack of familiarity with the processing equipment, incorrect operation, poor maintenance, or carelessness. Our off-site employee training puts you in complete control of your equipment. We offer training delivered at a time convenient to you.



  • Employees learn how to contribute to the plant efficiency and reinforce best practices
  • Employees are not distracted by other demands and gain full benefit from the training
  • Employees are educated on the impact of their actions, reducing risk of accidents 


  • Make sure that site product knowledge is up to date
  • Optimize the performance, productivity and yield of your solution
  • Extend equipment lifetime and reduce damage, stoppages and costs


  • To gain the qualifications needed to take responsibility for improving production
  • To establish in-house expertise enabling fast resolution of minor issues
  • To increase equipment uptime and availability through daily checks


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Lene Mortensen, Demo and Training Center Manager

Lene Mortensen

Demo and Training Center Manager

Martin Liltorp, Technical Manager

Martin Liltorp

Technical Manager