Progress Point Copenhagen

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Welcome to our demo center, a space where you can see how Marel innovations can impact your food production, staff knowledge and operational outcomes.

Progress Point in Copenhagen is a unique training and demo facility designed to bring experts together to experience the full potential of Marel equipment and integrated systems in a hands-on environment.


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Bring your own products to test our systems, tailor the demonstrations to your needs and see how our equipment can optimize your production. Put our machines to the test and see the results first hand.


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Attend our annual industry events and see the latest systems and solutions in action. You get exclusive insights into the latest innovations in your industry, the current developments and future trends.


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Train your employees in our high-tech fully equipped facilities. Your staff learns how to configure the equipment, carry out recommended daily routines and the most effective methods to prevent damage to your investment.


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In our 2,700 m2 we offer you access to 900 m2 of demo space that imitates real food processing plant conditions. Our auditorium is well equipped and the meeting rooms and facilities are there to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


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We have compiled a list of the most common question we receive on the practical side of visiting and preparing for a demo.

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It is easy to book a visit or a demo. You can contact your Marel representative directly or contact us at We will take care of all preparations in connection to the visit.

Hotels in Copenhagen

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Our visitors enjoy special rates at select hotels in Copenhagen, conveniently located in the city with an easy access to Progress Point.

Dining in Copenhagen

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Denmark is renowned for its food, from traditional open sandwiches to the finest in modern Scandinavian cuisine.

Copenhagen tours

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The Danish capital has repeatedly been named 'World's Most Livable City' and offers a wide selection of culture, sights and activities.


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