Investor Events

Shareholders' Meeting

Key dates

Nov 12 Deadline for submission of proposals
16:00 GMT
Nov 15 Publication of final agenda
Nov 22 Shareholders' meeting

Address for mail-in ballots

Marel hf.
c/o Shareholders' Meeting voting
Austurhrauni 9,
210 Gardabaer,

For electronic copy:

The meeting will be held at the Company‘s headquarters on Thursday, 22 November 2018.

Meeting agenda

  1. Proposal to reduce share capital of the company.
    • Reduction of treasury shares in connection with the preparation of potential dual listing of the company, for the benefit of shareholders.
  2. Proposal to grant an authorization to the Board of Directors to initiate a share buyback program.
  3. Any other business, lawfully presented.


Information in relation to shareholder's meeting

Document English Icelandic
Convocation PDF PDF
Agenda (now final) PDF PDF
Proposals of the Board of Directors PDF PDF
Power of attorney PDF  
Electronic ballot PDF  
Shareholder rights PDF  
Guidance on shareholders participation in balloting by mail PDF  
Annual accounts for 2017 PDF  
Board of Directors' Report PDF PDF
Auditors' Report PDF PDF


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