Marel Q2 2011 results

27 Jul 2011


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Marel Q2 2011 results

Strong revenue growth


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  • Revenues for Q2 2011 totalled 161.9 mln, an increase of 19% compared to revenues for the same period the year before [Q2 2010: 136.1 mln].
  • Normalized EBITDA was 20.9 mln, or 12.9% of revenues [Q2 2010: 21.1 mln normalized].
  • Normalized operating profit (EBIT) was 15.0 mln, or 9.2% of revenues [Q2 2010: 15.2 mln normalized].
  • One‐off costs related to an agreement on the future arrangements of the Stork Pension Fund, amounting to 11.1 mln, are included in the consolidated income statement for Q2 2011.
  • Taking into account the above one-off costs, net result was 0.2 mln for Q2 2011 [Q2 2010: 0.1 mln].
  • Cash flow remains healthy and net interest bearing debt is 248.8 mln at the end of Q2 2011 [Q2 2010: 284.1 mln].
  • The order book continues to grow as a result of a strong product pipeline and favorable market conditions. The order book stands at 176.3 mln at the end of the quarter [Q2 2010: 125.3 mln].

Q2 2011 was a good quarter for Marel. Revenues totalled 162 mln, an increase of 19% compared to Q2 2010 and 5% compared to the previous quarter. The EBIT margin was 9.2% in Q2 and 10.2% for the first half of the year, which is within the company’s target of 10-12% return on revenues for the year. The outlook for the remainder of the year is positive.

Orders received continue to exceed orders booked off, leading to a continuing increase in the order book, which stood at 176 mln at the end of the quarter, compared to 125 mln at the same time the year before.

Revenues of 315 million in 1H 2011 with EBIT margin of 10.2%


  • Revenues totalled 315.4 mln for the first half of the year, an increase of 19% compared to revenues for the same period the year before [1H 2010: 264.9 mln from core business].
  • Normalized operating profit (EBIT) was 32.1 mln for the first half of the year, or 10.2% of revenues [1H 2010: 30.3 mln normalized from core business].
  • Net result was 9.0 mln for the first half of the year [1H 2010: 5.7 mln consolidated].

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