Marel races to raise funds for a good cause

30 Jun 2017

WOW Cyclothon 2017

Marel participated in the WOW Cyclothon, the longest road race in Iceland, which took place on June 20-23, 2017. The team raced around the country with 10 team members splitting between them 1358 km in 72 hours maximum.

The WOW Cyclothon is a fundraising event whereby the funds earned are donated to a different charity each year. This time around the recipient was the non-profit, volunteer organization ICE-SAR, which will distribute the funds to their rescue teams. Their mission is to prevent accidents and save human lives and valuables.

This was the third time that a team from Marel took part in the race; however, it was the first time that the team included members from two Marel locations. The team called itself Marel Supply Train and included Marel employees who all work together in the supply chain in Iceland and the Netherlands.

Team members used Skype to prepare and align on tactics, an approach that has been a success since the team members are used to collaborating across departments and territories.

The goal of the participation each year is of course first and foremost to raise funds for a good cause, to strengthen our collaboration and to have fun. The Marel team raised almost 250.000 ISK for ICE-SAR who all in all received 20 million ISK.

WOW Cyclothon 2017