Tour de Marel raises €75,000 for SOS Children’s Villages

30 Dec 2014

The annual global charity event, Tour de Marel, took place for the third time in 2014. Marel employees continued their support to the children in the SOS Children’s Villages in the Ivory Coast, again raising €75,000.

The money raised will be used to support the Marel School that opened this year in Yamoussoukro and will help ensure that students there are provided with quality education. Learning is one of Marel’s core values and the company is pleased to be able to support education further afield in the global community where even the most basic educational needs of children are often not being met.

Marel employees around the world participated in the 2014 Tour de Marel by running, walking, cycling, and participating in a variety of other fundraising activities. Employees in Iceland, with the help of friends and family, ran the distance from Iceland to the Ivory Coast; 6,500 km in 24 hours. 

SOS Children’s Villages plays a vital role in providing children in need with a safe and loving family home. The organization helps families care for children and provides orphaned and abandoned children with homes.

In 2013 Marel employees raised €75,000 that was used to build a new school in Yamoussoukro. The Marel School opened its doors last September and now provides quality education to 150 children from 6 to 16 years old. The school offers a good foundation in primary education for the children of Yamoussoukro, both from the SOS Children’s Village as well as the broader community.

The €75,000 raised was handed over to the SOS Children’s Villages in December. Geert van Tilburg and Sophie Claaseen, on the behalf of the Tour de Marel Project Team, handed the €75,000 Tour de Marel Check over to Margot Ende-Van den Broek, the Managing Director of the SOS children’s villages in the Netherlands.

Margot Ende - van den Broek, Managing Director of SOS Children’s Villages in the Netherlands:

“We as SOS Children’s Villages are proud to be a partner of Marel and a beneficiary of Tour de Marel. With the support of Marel employees we were able to build a school for the children in Yamoussoukro. The children will benefit greatly from this as they now have the opportunity to help themselves in the future. Marel employees have ensured quality education for generations of children. We are very thankful for their support and commitment.”

Arni Oddur Thordarson, CEO of Marel:

“We are pleased to partner with SOS Children’s Villages in providing quality education to children in the Ivory Coast. We are especially proud of supporting education in West Africa where we recently began to co-operate with food processors to transform food production in this part of the world. This year alone Marel secured five Greenfield projects in West Africa that will raise poultry processing to the next level and have a huge impact on food safety.

I am proud of what we, the Marel team, have accomplished collectively. With Tour de Marel we get an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of others and give back.”