Our People

If the typical Marel employee could be described, he/she would be a talented individual who likes to work in a team and is interested in creating value and fostering innovation for the benefit of our customers.

Work in a challenging atmosphere
Marel offers a dynamic, challenging atmosphere in which individual skills are appreciated and nurtured, along with the ability to work in a global setting. In an industry based on progress and innovation, change is a key concept, and flexibility and an open mind are of pivotal importance.

Marel’s company culture reflects professionalism, competence, flexibility, teamwork, empowerment, diversity and creativity. Several other factors also come into play, among them innovation, intellectual excellence, job satisfaction and the decentralization of responsibility and authority.

Last but not least, we should not forget fun and enjoyment, and Marel employees often join together to enjoy a lively range of social events and activities.







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